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02/03/2024 Gathering - Baptisms

“Isn’t He holy? Isn’t He worthy? Isn’t He beautiful?”

With great anticipation,  The Champion’s House gathered to seek His face and to see His glory. Our expectations were met by the overflow of his grace --- many men, women, and children were baptized into the faith of Jesus Christ. As a body, we engaged in celebrating the day that the Lord made for His glory to rest and fill his children.

Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 3:17- 4:8

What is the spiritual significance of baptism?

  • Baptism is a holy moment in heaven – a moment in heaven being represented on the Earth.

  • The Bible uses the image of Noah’s Ark to give us a picture of baptism. Just like Noah’s ark, we live in a world of corruption and many think that the way of this world is working for them. But today many decided to come out of the world and into the kingdom of Heaven – out of darkness and into His light.

  • It is in Christ that we are baptized, saved, and purged from all sin.

  • There were 8 people in the ark. Eight means new beginnings. In the act of baptism, there is a promise of a new beginning. Through baptism, coupled with salvation, God brings the flood of his righteousness into our lives. Because of this, we can expect life and we are brought near to the Father by the blood of Christ.

  • Baptism is like the wedding ceremony of our salvation when we come into covenant with Jesus Christ. Also, it is like the wedding ring which is an outward sign to the world and to the devil that you are off limits – married to the Bridegroom, Jesus.

  • Baptism’s foundation is redemption through Christ and its focus is Christ’s return as the groom!

  • Baptism is the infilling of God’s Spirit as we recognize our lives are no longer ours, but we are His.

  • Baptism is a deflation process, As we decrease, the manifestation of the Spirit of God will increase in us.

  • Baptism is a purifying process. It is a continual filling of His Spirit so we can be poured out like a drink offering for Christ Jesus.

After the message, one by one, many were baptized. Before their baptism, they were given the opportunity to express their testimony and faith in Jesus Christ.

 A young child, Christopher, when asked why he wanted to be baptized boldly declared “Because I want to wash my sins away.” The faith of this little one moved the church to shouts of joy!

A young girl named Kayla shared the love of God through a verse. From memory, she stated John 3:16.

Another young girl, Samar, boldly declared she wanted to get baptized because she had wanted to do so for years and she hoped that her action would glorify God.

A young woman, Bella, confessed that she was ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Inspired by the move of God and His glory, 4 more people came forward from the congregation desiring to be baptized.

A young woman visiting from Stockton University wanted to get baptized and was praying about it. She confessed that she was excited to give her life to Christ.

A young man, named Peter, decided that he too wanted to be baptized because he "wanted to wash away all his sins" and that God told him to be baptized.

Another young woman came forward declaring that she wanted to get baptized because she wanted to give her life to Jesus.

But God still was not done -- For He wanted to baptize these men, women, and children with His Spirit.

Throughout the baptism event, shouts of joy could be heard in the crowd. The loudest of them was a 78-year-old Grandmother of many of the children who were being baptized. Overwhelmed by the goodness of God, she continually praised Jesus for the opportunity to see her prayers answered since many of her grandchildren came to Christ and were saved. She was asked to pray for everyone who was baptized by water that they would receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She prayed over all who came forward, many of them being her grandchildren.

The gathering ended with communion. As one body, we took communion and praised God for Christ's victories in each of our lives.  

“Isn’t He holy? Isn’t He worthy? Isn’t He beautiful?”

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