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"The Coalition For College Outreach" is an evangelistic arm of The Champion’s Arts Academy where our motto is “excellence in craft, Excellence in Spirit”. The Coalition has previously worked with Cumberland County College and Rowan University with the goal of creatively introducing college campuses to Jesus. We partner with on campus christian organizations to bolster their evangelistic efforts, as we work to produce an original show called "Books On A Shelf" starring the college’s students. The show addresses, suicide, identity, addiction, and other important topics affecting college students.   


We have seen tremendous life change in the students that participated and the faculty, student body, and community who’ve experienced Books On a Shelf. This show is intended to evangelize college campuses and offer an alternative to the darkness the world provides. This missional work is primarily funded by local churches and generous donors. The show is free of charge for those who would come. This is to remove any financial barrier from people who need to meet Jesus. 


We have been working with 3 on campus christian organizations (Ratio Christi, Stockton Christian Fellowship, & Fellowship of Christian Athletes) since spring, discipling and gearing up for the year ahead. We're excited for the work we get to do with the students and are looking forward to a revived Stockton.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or donations. 

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