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What To Expect...


Do you have parking?

Parking is available directly across the street from the building at Saraceno Funeral Home parking lot.

Where's your entrance?

Enter through the orange door.  We also have a wheel chair compatible ramp entrance facing the White Horse Pike.

How long is service?

Our services generally go about 2 hours. However, because it is God's house, He is always welcome to ask us to stay longer. If you are unable to stay the duration of the service and have to slip out, there is no pressure! We are always glad to have you and hope to see you very soon.

Do you allow food and drink in the church?

As you enter the sanctuary you may be asked to leave your food and drinks- including water- in the cafe area towards the back of the church. We believe the sanctuary is a sacred and Holy place, and food and drinks can be distracting and sometime cause messes. We do make exceptions. If you have a medical condition that requires you to have food or water with you please tell your greeter/usher. 

*If you need to wet your whistle after fervent intercessory prayer on a Wednesday night, we do allow water. 

You worship on Saturdays, are you Seventh Day Adventist? 

No, we are non-denominational, bible believing, Spirit filled Christians. It is for these reasons we acknowledge -without condemnation- the Lord's decreed Sabbath. 

What is the worship like?

Our worship is much like in the kingdom of God, multicultural and multigenerational. We cater only to the Spirit of God during the worship experience, believing that style and preference take a backseat to God's desire and pleasure. 

Are kids able to participate in worship?

Absolutely! Matt 19:14 says "But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.' "For this reason,  we encourage our kids to worship freely with instruments and flags in Spirit and in Truth. We encourage parents to be mindful during worship to help teach the kids how to flow with the Holy Spirit's leading and to worship, not out of thoughtless desire, but out of a pure heart of thanksgiving and adoration to the King

Do you have a children's church?

We do currently have Kids Academy for ages 6-12 on set Saturdays which are posted on the Children's Academy Page.   The vision of our Kids Academy is to equip boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God and become active members in the Kingdom of God while still young. During worship, our children are with us in the sanctuary.  If there is no Kids Academy posted, the Holy Spirit has us to keep the children in the service to learn and utilize the gifts that God has given them.

What are your prayer nights (The Burn) like?

We are persuaded by God to hear and respond to His voice. He is a God of war against darkness, a consuming fire, and has called us to be a part of His earth shaking, unquaking kingdom!

The Burn is where we assemble to hear the direction of the LORD, and wage war in prayer to destroy hell and establish the will of the Father on earth as it is in heaven. This may vary in how it looks from meeting to meeting (including prophecy, praying in tongues, declarations, etc). However it looks, it is to be expected that, though we will absolutely pray for personal needs, the focus is the kingdom of God established locally, regionally, and globally. We must be persuaded to pursue the kingdom from heavens perspective. 

Typically The Burn occurs at The Champion's House on Wednesdays at 7pm, but we will often go beyond the four walls of the church to pray on location at different sites as the LORD leads.

At this time, no child care is provided during The Burn, but it is our desire to include this in the future so that all who desire to pray along side others have the ability to do so.



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